Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Digital Divide

Technology is here to stay there is no doubt about that. Are we moving at such a pace that not all can keep up the latest and best suitable. This could link more to being a reflection on the social and financial position of families. As digital literacy becomes as important as numeracy and literacy there is a greater pressure on families to make the latest available to their children so they can access the best aspects of education that is possible.

In an article in the NZ Herald “Plugging Children into Online Education” Dr Michelle Dickinson questions whether those “lacking digital access are in severe risk of being left out”. Reality is that there are a large number who do not have this access especially in their homes.

We recognise that in the last decade reference material in the form of books etc is being taken over by online research tools. Our Ministry of Education recognises the importance of the full integration of digital technologies into our curriculum.

How best do we make sure that is it equitable for all students no matter their background or parents financial situation?