Monthly Archives: June 2016

Building Resilience

Building Resilience – Families on the go , over scheduled diaries for parents and kids, growing peer pressure, being part of the world of social media and exposure to the undesirable effects of the digital world are a few of the things that put tremendous stress on parents and families.

We are seeing children and parents that are far more anxious and who don’t have the skills to support themselves when challenges and adversities face them. Many of the signs are invisible and while the growth of digital connectedness has many pluses it can also add to the pressures.

In the 21st Century Resilience has become a parenting concept that every parent needs to understand. Fortunately research tells us that it is something we can build and nurture in our kids whether it is at school or in the home. To do this we need to understand the implications and recognise it as a continuous process especially when things go wrong. It has been shown that it is just as important to build strengths and protective strategies as it is to take away or minimise risk factors.