Technology Effective or Not

Is it the technology that matters? What determines it’s effectiveness? What about the teaching? In an education world that is being increasingly driven by technology there are still a number of questions that need to be answered. How do we effectively measure the success and what creates it more successfully in one context as opposed to another? A lot of questions I know.
In a recent article I read “Five Golden Rules for Using Technology in Classrooms” I was reminded that it isn’t the technology that counts it is the purpose and that the right technology for the right purpose that has the best outcomes. Well who determines that? The educational institution decides on the best equipment for them but it is the teachers that decide the purpose it has each day and how well it is integrated into their programmes. It does appear that different types of technology suits different purposes. The ipad has its place and suits some learning aspects as does the many other forms of devices that are available. Not easy decisions for institutions or students and parents to make. It is important that all the facts are available. Whatever decision is made it doesn’t change the fact that the teacher is at the heart of making effective use of it in the programmes that they include day to day.

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