Homework is the Big Question

Should homework be ditched for play? That has been an ongoing question for educators and parents alike. How much homework? Should it be compulsory? What if they don’t do it? and …. of course what about just being a kid. Between school and after school activities some children don’t have much down time to create their own play or just  to socialise with other kids. Each school decides on it’s own policy regarding homework and how it will be enforced.

I personally don’t believe homework should be a battle ground between parents and children. Often children are exhausted after a day at school and whatever they are involved with afterwards. If their parents are both working sometimes homework doesn’t even get looked at until after dinner.

However it is well recognised that children’s learning is enhanced when the school and parents are supportive and share the same goals. Developing reading skills and maths number sense can be reinforced at home and support the progress that students make.

Homework needs to be something that reinforces what they have learnt at school and not new learning which can often put more pressure on parents. Supporting children’s learning at home should be a time in which parents and children can spend positive time together.

In this technological age, however we do recognise the necessity of play and developing all those important outdoor skills. In a recent survey by the Herald on Sunday there were some interesting thoughts on this topic.




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