Monthly Archives: July 2015

Train Your Brain

Living longer, being better educated, having better health and being fitter are all things most people aim for. Within that is the need to keep our brain as active and connected as possible. People in their 80’s are studying for higher qualifications and students of all ages are encouraged to retrain. As jobs are constantly changing this often becomes a necessity. It is now thought that the brain continues to adapt and change throughout our lifetimes.  Neurosplasticity ( encompasses both synaptic plasticity and non-synaptic plasticity—it refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions) can alter the strength and number of connections between cells in the brain. Trying new things, learning and retraining all keep our brain stimulated. Learning a musical instrument, new language or totally new skill all stimulate the brain.

According to a new study and discussed in an article by Christopher Wanjek  Learning a New Language at Any Age Helps the Brain” It discusses how students who learn two languages do much better in test and exams then students who learn one language.

This is an exciting concept and one which encourages us all to keep trying new things and attempting new skills. As i try to continually master the ever changing field of technology I am encouraged by the fact that i am keeping all those brain cells connecting.