Helping Kids Resist Unwanted Advertising

As technology changes race forward there are so many aspects we have not necessarily been prepared for. Thank goodness for a fledgling New Zealand company who has recognised the need to support children to be able to resist the advertising that is often directly focused on them.  As children as young as 3 navigate themselves around different devices and apps they are exposed to in-app or opt in purchases and advertising. A little difficult for young kids not to be resist if it is appealing enough.

This Auckland based company wants to train kids to resist different forms of advertising in a positive way. Supported by psychologically based concepts this supports both children and parents. It uses an online solution to teach children strategies for resisting ads and in-app purchases. What a great idea and one that can support kids at home and school both places where they spend the majority of their time. This start up company and what they are doing is worth reading more about.

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