Single Sex Schools Versus Co-Ed

A new report analyses achievement in state secondary boys’ schools and explores the top strategies used by high-performing schools. This report by two well recognised New Zealand educationalists brings the age old argument as to whether boys achieve better in single sex schools as opposed to co-ed. Many aspects that are discussed could also support girls learning. High-performing schools in New Zealand advocate a student-centred approach, offering a wide variety of activities as well as strong academic programmes,

To support students to achieve the best results it is important that they are self-managing and motivated to set high goals for themselves, Providing students, whether they are boys or girls with as many opportunities and a desire to achieve their best supports them for the future. A strong belief that they can do it coupled with good self esteem helps to create success.

Are boys distracted by having girls in their classes? Quite possibly. However boys in co-ed schools also show success. Perhaps there are a number of factors that contribute. Good role models and an expectation that students do their best, also physical and mental well being.

Schools along don’t produce these good results it is the home and school working together that supports and leads to success.

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