Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to best teach under 25’s.

What the constant changing world of technology and communication teaching professionals in all areas of education are realising the importance of keeping in touch with the needs and most effective ways of teaching and educational methods. It was great to read about the study “Becoming effective teachers for under-25 students: A model for professional development decision-making” which is being undertaken collaboratively by 5 of our Polytechnics.
A recent article that I read about engagement entitled “The Eight C’s Of Engagement” re- enforces the importance of differentiating the way that teachers deliver instruction so that it addresses the needs of diverse learners. How do we create learners that are in control of their own learning, display high levels of energy, ask questions, seek answers and alternatives and take risks.
It is encouraging to see this question also being asked at the tertiary level. While educators may think they know the answers this is an opportunity for teachers, staff developers and students to work collaboratively to plan future direction.