Access For All

TabletAs we move into this exciting and fast moving direction of education in the 21st century education centres are evolving to keep pace with not only the needs of students but also the technological changes that accompany them. A recent article in the Education Gazette by Kate Bleasdale talked about the increasing number of tablets that are becoming a familiar sight in the classroom. While the price of tablets can be an obstacle for some schools there are a number of creative ways they are using to make it possible for all students.

While money is one of the issues she also discusses the need for digital citizenship. This has been the centre of some of my previous blogs. With the announcement of the 21st Century learning reference group the Government also realises the importance of creating a strategy that enable all students to make the most if available technologies. As more and more schools look at “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device giving all students equal access becomes an important issue.


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