Monthly Archives: May 2013

Keeping our kids Digitally Safe.

This week once again I have become so aware of the need to keep our kids digitally safe. While at a social occasion I had the opportunity to reflect with a range of age groups from school age to 90 that many parents are finding it hard to know how to best support their kids in a world moving so fast in the area of technology and global connectability. Earlier I had seen how easy it was for students to access information that was well above their years and understanding and then send it out to a small peer group who in turn sent it out to their group and so on. Did they understand the implications? No not until it was explained to them.
The Government has announced an injection of millions of dollars to enable all students to access high speed broadband. To support this it is really necessary to have programmes in place to teach digital citizenship. We live in a world where kids have far more skills then their parents technically and learn these skills at a faster pace. These digitally plugged in kids face huge challenges around their online presence and need support in creating an online world that’s responsible and respectful. How do we make our kids “digitally smart” and continue to do so, keeping up with the fast rate of change?
I know that this is a question I am continually challenging myself with as I work in the midst of these exciting times.

High Speed Quality Connections for Schools

This week it has been great to see the fast tracking of providing high speed, quality connections for school networks. The government announced that it will fast tracks school network upgrades recognizing the importance of the need for all students to access high speed technology. In our globally connected world New Zealand students will benefit from this. To benefit all students, schools need to have this at an affordable cost.